About Us

Phantasm Press was founded in 2012 by friends Richard Dalby and Daniel Wilkins to showcase their love of all things supernatural.  We started out by rediscovering classic ghost stories from the past alongside new talent.  Shortly after launching we were approached by writers specializing in the science fiction and horror genres to help publish their works.  Since then we have built up a range of talented authors whose works we have been proud to present to the public.

Daniel Wilkins

A qualified web/print designer and typesetter who formerly worked in advertising. His hobby is collecting antiquarian supernatural fiction.

Richard Dalby

Sadly passed away in 2017.  He was a world-renowned editor and literary researcher noted for his anthologies of ghost stories. He also wrote for Book Collector magazine and was an avid collector of supernatural literature.  He was a great man and a close friend, and we are focused on continuing Phantasm Press in his memory.

Dan Richards

Joined us in 2018.  An Arts and Culture graduate, Dan is an avid writer and reader keen to bring new talent to the public.